Places to Eat

Hungry or Thirsty?

Florence is a great town to sate that craving!

You can get Italian, Japanese, BBQ, Chinese, Indian, Steakhouse, Coffee House, Country Style, Fast Food, or Craft Beer!

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – Florence is ready to serve. For such a charming little town, Florence is brimming with brews, percolatin’ with coffee, and cookin’ with cuisine both foreign and domestic.

Papa’s Italian serves delicious pastas with handmade meatballs, best-in-class pizzas, steaming calzones and an array of salads all at a moderate cost.

Ito’s Japanese is a premium restaurant with absolutely outstanding sushi, steak and liquors.

Your own nose will lead you to the door of Steele Smokin’, offering in-house, taste-tailored smoked BBQ.

The Pour House, Aspen Leaf Café, Rosebud and Two Sisters offer sandwiches and coffee, all in homey, comfy atmospheres.

Quincy’s serves fine filet mignon and prime rib at very reasonable prices.

The Florence Brewing Company brews over a dozen choice craft beers of the finest quality.

Jade Café puts out a great spread of Chinese eats.

Fast-foods include Carl’s Jr and Subways.

And our newest restaurant, Turmeric, creates savory and distinctive Indian dishes that will make your palate dance.

For a homey respite and casual spirit or beer, check out Louie’s, Oak Creek Tavern, or the Green Parrot, or again, the Florence Brewing Company.

When it comes to Food and Drink, our tiny town of Florence packs the punch!


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